Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

06/19/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Begin with the remembrance of humility.

Sat Nam


06/19/2019 Tratakam

All of your routines

Give them to me



To bless this earth



To see me



To remember me


As you live

The mind creates routines


Free yourself

From these limited ways


I am free

I am everywhere


I am different

Every day


I climb mountains

I swim across seas


I sit patiently

Waiting for you to reach me


My child

Feel my love now


Calling You

Is my vibration


Guiding You

Is my Light


This world

Is to create



Dream of my love



Within every Word


See it

Feel it


As You do

My love


You are creating

My world


As you think

So you will create


As you speak

So you will shape


Your consciousness

Is to be present


Your mind

Is to be silenced


Your life

Is to be lived


As your Truth

As your heart



Creates too


As judgement approaches

Welcome it


As opinions scream

Be still


Your words and thoughts

Have come full circle



Your creations



Your vibrations


All are to be

United with me


You have been born

To win the greatest battle


Be victorious

Over every mind



My love


Sat Nam


06/17/2019 Kirtan Kriya

In life there are two directions, with the universal flow, or, against it.

Sat Nam


06/17/2019 Tratakam

An overabundance

Is a hinderance


Refrain your desires

Live simply


You are living

Where are You


Relax the mind

Breathe with me now


See your creation

How do you feel


Has wisdom

Been delivered


Silence your mind

Live your Truth now


Each example given

Creates a path


Can you walk

On each path



Forgive yourself


In every life

There are two opinions


Your opinion

The other’s opinion


See each event

Through every vision





What you create

Will linger


You can see

You can feel


What others do

Is for me to contemplate


I need nothing

Except for your detachment


Free yourself

I command You to



Within your breath



As your life



On You


Focusing on others

Closes your vision


Focusing on others

Blocks every flow


Free yourself

Share your vision


Free yourself

Share your sound



Your vibration


My love

Released to All


Sat Nam



06/16/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Release that which identifies with your mind.

Sat Nam


06/16/2019 Tratakam

A mirror

For you to see


Your creation

In front of me



To it breathe


Do you feel

It’s vibration





Each mirror

Is your reflection


Your reflection

Are your creations



As what they are



Look at me now


Feel my hands

Holding yours


Receive my love

I am giving You


As you choose

So you will live






Breathe with me


Your mirrors

Are your guides


Reminding You

To remember me


Within each mirror

See yourself


Each escaped emotion

Is before you now


From you

To All


Creating each day

A dream to wake from


As you align

Examples multiply


A day within

Is a day with All



Nourishing each Soul


So many will feel

The rays from my hands


Ground yourself

Shield yourself


My Earth

Is your tool


Receive my Light

From Earth’s wisdom


Every form



My love

You will flow now


Sat Nam